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Only Love Chocolate Transfer Sheet

  • Chocolate Transfer Sheet
  • Chocolate Transfer Sheet
  • Chocolate Transfer Sheet
  • Chocolate Transfer Sheet
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Product Description

Chocolate Transfer Sheets

Chocolate Transfer Sheet Size: 28cm x 20cm

Chocolate is everyone’s favourite when it comes to decorating cakes, cupcakes, biscuits and dessert.

A chocolate transfer sheets is a flexible plastic sheets that has been covered with cocoa butter and powdered food colouring that is used to make great designs on the flexible plastic sheet. The transfer sheet works with heat from you chocolate (melted) to release the design onto the chocolate as the chocolate sets and the design is embossed and leaves your finished product looking like it has been made by the professionals, finished appearance and a distinctive touch.


Chocolate transfer sheet can be used with milk and dark chocolate for darker designs and white chocolate can be used for lighter colours. Each transfer sheet can only be used in one application. Depending on how you are using your transfer sheet, the sheet can be cut to size and then easily matched up the pattern then tape the underside of the sheet to make a collar to go around your cake, cut the transfer sheet into hearts to put on your biscuits or cut beautiful shapes to decorate the top of your cake or desserts. It’s just that easy, to get the wow factor.


Step 1: Melt your chocolate (dark, milk or white)


Step 2: Lay your transfer sheet flat on your work surface, printed side up.Using an offset metal spatula, spread a thin layer of chocolate over transfer sheet, remembering to work quickly before the chocolate starts to cool and sets (Do not scrape the surface of the transfer sheet while spreading the chocolate, as you will scratch the design.)


Step 3: Once the chocolate starts to look dull it’s time to carefully wrap the sheets around your cake, or cut the sheets into little pieces to decorate your dessert or place onto your biscuits.


Step 4: Let the chocolate completely set at room temperature, then very gently pull the plastic transfer sheet off in one smooth movement.




To go up to the next step to impress your family and friends try using chocolate transfer sheets to dress up your next masterpiece, what a way to add that decorative touch it’s just that easy!

The colour background will change depending on what colour chocolate you use (white, Milk or Dark). Each transfer sheet can differ in colour then the photograph shown.

Chocolate Transfer Sheet Size: 28cm x 20cm

Ingredient List

Cocoa Butter, Food Colouring, Emulsifier

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