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Cake Craft Handheld Steamer Tiffany

  • Cake Decorating Steamer
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Cake Craft Handheld Steamer Tiffany

  • Remove unwanted Icing Sugar, Powdered Sugar, Cornflour and Cornstarch
  • Creates a wonderful shine to your cakes, flowers, leaves and sugarpaste Cakes

Ideal for use with Sugarpaste, rolled fondant and flower / gum paste. Cake Steamer is a great tool to remove any excess icing sugar, cornflour / corn starch. The Steamer can be used to create a natural shine or glaze. Ideal for setting powdered colors that have been brushed onto flowers and leaves etc.


Water Tank Capacity: 140ml

Heat Up Time: 1 Minute

Running Time: 8 Minutes

Power: 800w

Frequency: 50/60HZ

Voltage: AC 100-120 or 220-240

Directions of Use:

Filling the steamer

  1. Place the steamer on a flat, leave surface
  2. Unlock the water reservoir cap and fill the water reservoir with the measuring cup.
  3. Never fill the water past the MAX level.
  4. Place back the water reservoir cap and lock into position.

Using the Steamer

  1. Hold the cake steamer approx. 4-6 inches away from your fondant/edible image decorations.
  2. Pass the steamer over the fondant with a back-and-forth, up-and-down motion. As soon as the steamer come in contact with the fondant/decorations, it will create a lustrous shine on the surface.
  3. Don’t over-steam a single area, or it might soften enough to drop and lose it’s shape.

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